Mahendra Singh Dhoni Net Worth

December 20, 2019

We all are very much familiar with this man. Aren’t we? A young boy from Ranchi made his mark in 2005 wherein he departed to the dressing room without even scoring a run but destiny was something else for sure. Luck favors and fortunes the brave and MSD has always been a fighter and has won many matches for the country. His journey is sculptured as a movie, which is enacted by one of the finest actors in Bollywood, Sushanth Singh Rajput. Here in our blog, we will be discussing Mahendra Singh Dhoni net worth.

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How MSD became a billionaire from a Ticket Collector? 

The Journey seems to be a very tricky one though, but the man knows how he managed to become a billionaire. It is quite natural that everyone has to go through the rough patch. He was born and bought up in a very poor family wherein his father was just a gardener. Sports is just like a business in India. There is a lot of political pressure as well on the cricket board but at the same time, it is also an emotion for those passionate cricketers India.

Initially, he was playing for the Ranchi state team but he was not at all good with this technique. Even with his wicket-keeping skills, he was not that great but he worked on his weakness. He played for the gold mines team for some stipend but later, he got a chance to prove himself in the railways’ team. He was given an opportunity to work as well as play for the team. he was appointed as a ticker collector and all he had to do is work for 5 hours a day and then practice. It became very difficult for him to manage both and that is the reason why he quit his job and took up cricket very serious. He could manage to clear the selection process and represented India A. He scored hell lot of runs in domestic and was promoted as a wicket-keeper batsman in Team India. He failed in the first three innings but he managed to score 183 runs in the very next innings. Later on, he became the captain of the team.

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